Property Management

Property Management

Myers Commercial Real Estate, Inc. specializes in professional property management

Our maintenance staff can assist with the day to day operations and upkeep of your assets. We perform preventative maintenance programs as well as coordinate nightly janitorial contracts. Additionally, the landscape maintenance and snowplowing can be contracted through our network of quality providers.

Here is a listing of some of the services we provide to property owners:

Collection and Remission of Income. Myers Commercial Real Estate, Inc. shall collect the rents and other income from the property promptly when such amounts become due and shall deposit all such amounts in a special bank account exclusive to the property owner.

Below is a listing of bookkeeping services we can provide:

  • Income Statement - Current Month
  • Income Statement - Year -To-Date
  • Income Statement - Comparison to Prior Year
  • Balance Sheet
  • Accounts Payable
  • Delinquency/Aging Report for Receivables
  • Activity Reconciliation Report
  • Lease Expiration Report
  • Rent Roll
  • Check Register

Myers Commercial Real Estate, Inc. further agrees to use its best efforts to produce any additional information in report form as the Owner may reasonably request. In addition, Myers Commercial Real Estate, Inc., within thirty-one (31) days following the end of the fiscal year, will provide to Owner's accountants, a general ledger and trial balance for the purpose of Owner's accountants preparing the annual income tax return.

Maintenance and Operation. The Agent is authorized and required, within the normal scope of his duties, at the expense of the Owner, to purchase necessary supplies; to make contracts for electricity, gas, telephone, window cleaning, refuse disposal, vermin extermination, and for all other utilities or services which Myers Commercial Real Estate, Inc. shall reasonably consider advisable; to make or cause to be made and supervise routine repairs and alterations; and to purchase supplies and pay all bills.

Please allow us to craft a management proposal to meet your specific needs.